UDL Moodle Template

In September 2019, a Moodle page template was designed and rolled out across the DCU Moodle site, to promote the integration of UDL principles into teaching, learning and assessment on the VLE. The template also aims to address the need for consistency within the VLE, called for by students in the recently published INDEx report by the National Forum for Teaching and Learning (2020). A brief video explaining the rationale for the design elements within the template is also included in the toolkit and is available below. While the template was created in Moodle, we feel that the elements contained within the template could be replicated in other VLE platforms. A screenshot of the template is available below, please click on the image for a larger version.

Template – (available for DCU staff only) https://loop.dcu.ie/course/view.php?id=45472