UDL checklists

Two styles of checklist are available within the UDL toolkit, to guide you in further developing your UDL practice in Moodle. The checklists are framed by the three core UDL principles and include the various guidelines and checkpoints outlined by CAST. The first checklist takes the form of a progression style rubric, adapted from a rubric developed by Melissa Toland. This checklist positions the UDL checkpoints across a progression pathway from emerging UDL practice, to proficient UDL practice and finally to expert UDL practice. The second checklist is laid out more simply as a list, again framed by the core UDL principles, guidelines and checkpoints outlined by CAST. Both checklist styles are available below in Google doc format. Please feel free to adapt as required to your own context, creative commons licensing applies.

Progression style checklist

Box tick checklist