The following pages contain a series of h5P objects are a result of some excellent work carried out by UCC on what was known as the Bystander intervention programme.

The programme forms part of a strategic response to the issues of sexual misconduct and violence among student populations. The blended-learning approach of the Bystander Intervention programme seeks to not only enhance knowledge and understanding of these issues, but also to lead to attitude and behavioural change across the sector.

The programme was originally created by Professor Louise Crowley of the School of Law, UCC who has graciously made it available under creative commons licence to DCU and other Higher Education Institutions in Ireland.

In DCU we localised the content and converted it from SCORM format to H5P format . If you wish to use this material please contact

The programme has four distinct sections each one an individual H5P object

Noticing the event

Interpreting the behaviour as a problem

Feeling responsible for dealing with it

Knowing how to help