DCU ‘ABC to VLE+ App Wheel’

Welcome to the Dublin City University (DCU) version of the ‘ABC to VLE+ App Wheel’. Informed by the ABC Learning Design Framework, this wheel provides online support and guidance on a range of tools that staff may wish to employ in their teaching. See further information about ABC, the App Wheel, and Universal Design for Learning below.

What is ABC Learning Design (ABC LD)?
ABC Learning Design (ABC LD) is an effective and engaging hands-on workshop that continues to grow in popularity worldwide. In two hours, teams of staff work together to discuss and create a visual storyboard of an intended student learning experience. At DCU, staff are encouraged to engage with an asynchronous Pre ABC Learning Outcomes activity to help them prepare for participating in the ABC workshop.

What is the DCU ‘ABC to VLE+’ App Wheel?
The App Wheel is an interactive online resource that highlights educational tools and supports. This video introduction explains how the wheel aligns ABC learning activity types with potential technologies available within and beyond our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). A video transcript is also available. The wheel and associated supports are accessed via the six learning activity types listed below:







How does ABC relate to Universal Design for Learning (UDL)?
ABC is all about designing the student learning experience so naturally it is recommended to keep the principles of UDL in mind when thinking about potential learning activities. As you explore the six learning types, you will see a selection of UDL-related prompts are provided as you scroll down each page. These prompts are intended to remind you of some of the ways in which you might make your designs – and your learning experiences – more accessible and effective for all students. You can also explore the principles further via the DCU toolkit containing the Introduction to UDL

This H5P version of the App Wheel was created as part of the Erasmus+ ABC to VLE Learning Design Project. All of the material is free to use under creative commons by attribution. Any feedback would be very welcome via

This work, “ABC Learning Design DCU Localised ABC to VLE App Wheel” by Mark Glynn and Clare Gormley DCU, is a derivative of ABC Learning Design method by Clive Young and Nataša Perović, UCL (2019) and is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. Original resources available at