3E Framework

How can the 3E Framework support my teaching and learning?
The Framework is is based on an Enhance-Extend-Empower continuum and is designed to give staff a broad overview of the functionalities of Moodle and offer examples of how the platform can be used from the very basic Enhance level through to the more complex Empower level. 

How to use the 3E Framework
This 3E Framework resource is categorised into teaching and learning activities/pedagogical approaches eg. Assessment, Group Work, Feedback, Student Engagement. A short animation introduces each category and illustrative examples are available for each dimension of the framework within each category. The first stage on this continuum is the Enhance level which involves adopting technology in simple ways to actively support students and increase their activity and self-responsibility. The second stage, the Extend Level involves further use of technology that facilitates key aspects of students’ individual and collaborative learning and assessment through increasing their choice and control. The final level, the Empower Level involves developed use of technology that requires higher order individual and collaborative learning that reflects how knowledge is created and used in the professional environment. To explore the framework we suggest taking a look at the introductory animation in your relevant section to give you an idea of the opportunities available on Moodle. You can then explore each category in more detail at the various dimensions of the framework through the support resources. The illustrative examples also include a how to guide to support your adoption of the various functionalities within Moodle. If you have any suggestions on developing or improving this resource, please contact Suzanne Stone.