Learning through discussion requires the learner to articulate their ideas and questions, and to challenge and respond to ideas and questions from the teacher, and/or from their peers.

There are core tools in the VLE and beyond that support “Discussion” learning types. Click the information icons (i) to find out more about each potential tool.

In addition to the core tools in the VLE that support “Discussion” learning types, the university also supports other tools identified below, which we refer to as VLE+ tools:

Finally we also list some tools below that we recognise as useful but do not offer direct support for. We refer to these as Recognised tools:

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Prompts

As you develop your Discussion learning activities, think about how you can make the learning experience more accessible for all students – ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Are all types of learners accommodated? (Must students speak to contribute?)
  • Can people who miss ‘live’ class contribute to the discussion?
  • Is orientation/induction time required for this technique?
  • How will you check the level of knowledge/understanding in the class?